Enhanced fortran mode for emacs including ftnchek support

Current version is 0.9, dated 12/16/2002

Works with emacs 21.1, won't work with emacs 20.7 or earlier. Not sure where the actual dividing line is.

Features: (note some of these are now offered by fortran mode and have been dropped from ftnchek mode).

Download it here: ftnchek.el. Installation instructions are in the file

Older versions

Earlier version developed with emacs 19.34. May break in emacs 20.

If you want to stay informed of new versions, drop me a line and I'll put you on my mailing list.

Ftnchek, a Fortran 77 syntax/semantics checker by Robert Moniot, is available from http://www.dsm.fordham.edu/~ftnchek

Last updated 12 Oct 2008
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