Survey: Mission Critical Linux

Final results!

To: Everyone interested in Linux!

The final results of the 'Linux Mission Critical Systems' survey! It is not as elaborate as originally intended, but most of the good stuff is now posted to this Web site.

We still have some statistical information to work out. This may be posted later.

Initiated from the 'Linux Mission Critical Systems' mailing list is a project to document successful existing systems which have a large load and are up 24 hrs/day. Already we have received a rich amount of information! We have also received messages from people claiming the survey helped in turning round their bosses. Linux is gaining momentum...



This site is currently mirrored at: Italy, USA, and Japan

We have received some anonymous forms. We cannot do anything with these to keep the survey credible. Please give your name and E-mail address when filling out the questionnaire. We will treat information regarding you, your E-mail address and the name of your system as confidential. That is, we will not pass it on without your consent.

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