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This is some of the works which I have accumulated on the web. As with most web pages, consider it under construction.

By trade, I am a Linux/Unix System Administrator, CISSP-certified security professional, and also work with high-performance cluster computing, commonly known as Beowulf. My hobbies include flight simulators. Over the years, I have written papers or given presentations on many of these areas.

Articles and Presentations

The Choice of a GNU Generation The first of two articles I wrote for the St. Louis PC Journal at the leading edge of the Linux groundswell. The article is an introduction to the Linux Operating System for non-Linux computer users.
A Short Unix Primer
Part 2 of a two-part series of articles I wrote for the St. Louis PC Journal. This article introduced the mainly Windows-based readership of the Journal to Unix and Unix-like operating systems, and provided a bit of the history of Unix.
Encryption: PGP and Network Security
Slides from a talk I gave on encryption basics including public versus private encryption methods and system security through package verification. This talk was given before the Northern Virginia Linux Users Group (NoVALUG) and the DC Linux Users Group (DCLUG) in March, 1999.
Reasonably Secure Builds
Slides of a presentation on building a Linux box given from a security perspective. Presented to NoVALUG in September, 1999, and to the George Mason University LUG (GMULUG) in December, 1999. Slides from the original presentation can be found here.
Building a B'Vo
Slides of a presentation on building a Linux-based Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and a brief discussion of various multimedia applications available for Linux. Talk was given to the Northern Virginia Linux Users Group in April, 2003.

Flight Simulation One of my hobbies is flying PC combat flight simulators. This article highlights some of my views on the pc flightsim genre.

Debian Packages

There are literally hundreds of Linux distributions. After having tried most of the major distributions, I have decided that Debian/GNU Linux. I decided to support the Project by becoming a Debian Developer. I maintain scandetd, a GPL portscan detector written by Michal Suszycki . The debs are available on the Debian website or from here.

PGP Keys

The following is my DSA key. This is the key you should download to verify my pages:
pub  1024D/54434E65 1999-02-26 Bradley Alexander (Personal GPG 0.9.2 DSA/ElG 19990225) 
     Key fingerprint = 37F6 BCA6 621D 920C E02E  E3C8 73B2 C019 5443 4E65
The following is my RSA key:
pub  2048R/C3BCBA91 2000-06-16 Bradley Alexander (Personal RSA 20000614) 
     Key fingerprint = 3F 0E 26 C1 90 14 AD 0A  C8 9C F0 93 75 A0 01 34

Digitally signed web pages

The pages contained on this site have been cryptographically signed with GnuPG. They can be verified as authentic with Pretty Good Privacy or GNU Privacy Guard. If you wish to verify this or any other page, and are not sure how to do so, the information is located here. If you don't see Good signature, please email me.

If you died tonight, do you know where you would go?
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